Tak Note


Who predicted Donald Trump to be a President of the U.S. in Japan


U.S. presidental election is almost finished.

Most of news medias expected Hilary Clinton would be U.S. President.

Of cource, also Japanese medias.


However, some of Japanese critics predicted Donald Trump will be the President.

This column introduce them.


Japanese Youtuber Random Yoko

She made a lot of youtubes in English.

Her purpose is send messages to American conservatives.

"Your peer is here!"


She began to make movies from Feburary.

She got a lot of comments all over the world.

In addition, surprisinglly, she got a Trump T-shirt, from U.S.!!

 If you don't speak Japanese, don't worry.

Some of her youtubes are in English, because she lived in U.S. before.


A critic Michio Ezaki ~a Comintern hunter~

He published "Mass medias never tell the reason why Trump emerged"

(but the problem is it's Japanese only)



He has a lot of companion in the U.S., who is american conservative.

He also have a lot of youtubes.




Mitsuru Kurayama ~Japanese researcher about history, politics and constitutions~

He mentiond from March.


Youtuber Kazuya

He thought Donald Trump is a cloun.


Genki Fujii ~International political scientist~



By the way,

the critics above have some colleagues with their opposit opinion.

They predicted Hilary Clinton would be the U.S. President.


Channel Crara ~Youtube Channel~

Tsukasa Jonen~Economic Critic~

Kashiwamochi~a caster in Ch Crara~

Akiyoshi Yamamura


Ch Crara is separated in the middle.

They looks fair for both of the Presidental Candidates.